Intelligent Medical Robotics Laboratory

School of Integrated Technology, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

Nano Robots

Targeted drug delivery using magnetic nanoparticles is an efficient technique as molecules can be directed toward specific tissues inside a human body.  we are developing a real-time imaging-based guidance system of a noparticles using untethered electro-magnetic devices for simultaneous guiding and tracking.  mag Based on Magnetic Particle Imaging  technology, a hybrid system comprised of an electromagnetic actuator and MPI is used to navigate nanoparticles in a non-invasive way. The real-time MPI and electromagnetic actuator of this navigation system are achieved by applying a time-division multiplexing scheme to the coil topology.

Wearable Gait Rehabiliation Robot 

Among most existing gait rehabilitation robots, it is difficult to find adequate devices for gait rehabilitation of chronic stroke patients who can already stand and move but still need to rehabilitate the affected lower limb through simple, compact, and easy-to use devices. We are developing a novel haptic based gait rehabilitation system (HGRS) which has the potential to provide over-ground gait training regimens for post-stroke ambulatory subjects. It consists of a portable cane for kinesthetic sensing and a wearable exoskeleton for supporting body body weight. Contact of user with the handle provides light grip force, it serves the purpose of balance assurance and increased muscle activity through light touch concept and exoskleton contribute in enhancing the gait modification. 

Intelligent Interface for Virtual Reality

Industrial manipulators performs various tasks in an environment where operator
has to monitor closely and also interact upon a detailed level with the robot. The operation of the robot from a remote area is possible through some wireless communication, but a two  way communication for feedback is most desirable. The proposed smart phone based  teaching pendant provides a user friendly interactive control input method to the robot's  operator. The operator can not only give commands to the end effector, but during the continuous mode
operation, the operator can pause, repeat and restart the subtasks of whole operation remotely. The two way network socket communication running on threads also gives a real time feedback data for detailed monitoring.